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Here are the latest reviews left by our clients.

Hammerfit provides a tailored programme that challenges your own limitations in a safe and comfortable way. The sessions are always varied and more importantly surprisingly fun
Suzanne Burnell
Hammerfit is always a pro but manages to keep the sessions fun & varied. I was bikini ready within 3 months and apparently my legs look like I’m 20 again!
Victoria Bond
Even if you doubt your own capabilities and what you can achieve to reach your desired goal Hammerfit will not have any doubts! You’ll receive an education in nutrition and be taught how to train effectively to enable you to be in control of the body you always hoped to have
Carrie Bates
My son and nephew have Fragile X Syndrome, which is a genetic disorder which can be the cause of moderate to severe learning, they both have trained with Hammerfit for many years! 
The Hammerfit Coaches are extremely patient and understanding but also know how to train them to the best of their ability, pushing them to extremes we never dreamed possible
Margaret Hickman
I’ve been training with Hammerfit since 2007, over the years I’ve lost weight, got tones and built strength, and after illness they got me back to my full potential. Hammerfit are great coaches and whilst not always easy the sessions are always enjoyable, well planned and focussed. The coaches are very knowledgeable on nutrition anatomy and excellent balanced circuits.
Manjeet GarchaRetired Chef Nurse NHS
Since training with a Hammerfit Coach, I’ve seen more muscle growth and definition in 12 weeks than in I have over the previous 12 Months!! Its hard work every session but they never let me give up even when I insist, they give me support and guidance in both training and nutrition, there’s no messing around & no time wasting. My Coach was professional and clearly passionate about their job, I couldn’t recommend Hammerfit highly enough
Beth Hutton
I’ve trained with my Hammerfit Coach twice a week for a number of years, sessions are normally cardio and core based with some strength & conditioning added. My sessions are normally based around martial arts – karate, judo etc, but I also enjoy boxing which is another one of my coaches intensive skills. Classes are intense, varied, challenging and interesting and they always incorporate core strength & flexibility as my job is mainly sedentary.
I would recommend a Hammerfit coach to anyone who’s considering having personal training sessions, regardless of age, fitness level or personal goals
Alex Lawson
I struggle with an illness called Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (Lupus) I also have bipolar Disorder, I was 19 stone at one stage of my life and constantly sick. I contacted Hammerfit who then invited me for an initial assessment. Two years on I have lost 5 stone and pushed some of my illnesses back! 
My coach is constantly encouraging me to do better and is supportive in all aspects of my well being, my coach goes out of his way to make sure I’m okay – especially if he does not see me in the gym. Sessions are painful but very rewarding and fun. I personally cannot recommend my coach enough, my wife and children now benefit from a healthy husband/father, I feel like he has saved my life!
Lee Hayfield